Who the…?

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But who else? After all, opinions are even more like dicks than like assholes (in that those that possess them are by and large not the least bit concerned about those of others… unless that’s your thing of course… no judgement), and I’m certain I’ve been appropriately called both at various times by various persons.

*shrug* – Kanye West

Just the same, if you made it through an opening statement as verbose as that, perhaps you’re a member of the fabled “Talented Tenth”; perhaps like me, you feel your wit outpacing the intense boredom the world around you constantly offers and you’re looking for something challenging, something interesting, something… would the word ‘effervescent’ be considered self-aggrandizing here?  No?  Yes?

…..Fuck it.  Effervescent.

This is my realm, my canvas, my story to tell, and I believe wholeheartedly in my own personal magnificence… AS SHOULD YOU.  Be bold.  Be grandiose.  Be a self-sculpted monument to every obstacle you surmount.  Look into your reflection each morning and endeavor to fashion something far more resolute and far-reaching than these words, just as I do.  The horizon is never any further than your sight can reach:  I’ll race you there.

Hat cocked, can’t see his eyes, who could it be? With that new blue Yankee on… who but me? – HOV

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