Welcome To The Show

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In August of 2015, almost three years ago to the day, I was inspired to ‘build something’.  I’d been turning over the idea of starting a blog in my mind for some time, but a conversation with a very close friend (to whom I’m forever indebted) gave me just the push I needed to begin the process of bringing to fruition what would eventually become The Vested Interests. I started researching, did a bit of brainstorming on branding, and reached out to my good friend Will Henry at Will Henry Designs to put a visual with idea I was incubating.

I was inspired by Daniel Craig’s ‘James Bond’ interpretation, and magazines like The Rake… representations of gentlemen with a slightly rougher edge; men who draped their mannish and somewhat savage nature in a tempered shroud of classic regalia, their suits and tuxedos worn with a tenuous balance of abundant pride and slight disdain.

And so, the rakish gent, the “handsome devil”, was born.

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