Dapper Conversations with @BlackMenswear

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In late February I was invited to join a few well-dressed brothers for “Dapper Conversations”, a forum of like-minded gents centered around community outreach, Black excellence and changing the narrative around what it is to be a Black man in modern times.  Organized by Black Menswear and filmed & photographed by GrassTaken, discussions were led by NéAndré Broussard, the organizations founder.  We met at the local IndoChino location here in Charlotte, NC’s SouthPark Mall, where we spent a couple of hours waxing nostalgic about the days when men, especially Black men, took greater pride not only in how we dressed but how we presented ourselves to each other, to our women and to the world.  We discussed the need for a fundamental “paradigm shift” in they way we approach manhood, fatherhood and husbandry, and how important it is to lead our communities from the forefront AND from the rear guard.  It felt good to have an honest and open dialogue with such a group of dedicated gents, sharing our often-alike experiences both positive and negative, and pooling our intellectual resources to discuss potential solutions.  I feel like we all made some very fruitful connections, and I’m hopeful that some very much needed change grows from the seeds sewn that evening.

I’ve included some of the photos from the event for perusal.  Until next time…

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