Allow me to reintroduce myself…

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Time flies when you’re on the grind. 

I’ve literally been so swamped; between the new job I started about eight months ago, raising my son and planning a wedding, it’s been wild.

Yes, you heard that right, I said planning a wedding.  I finally decided to get out of my own way and settle my ass down; it’s a bit of a relief, to be perfectly honest. Jumping around to different women just gets old after you’ve done it for some time, and you realize how much more fruitful it is to BUILD, instead of simply seeking conquest.  You can expect some sort of not-too-sappy blog post later down the line about how we met & managed to make it from two virtual strangers to ‘betrothed’, but for the moment let’s just say I found someone with whom I was able to make a genuine mutual commitment to put up with each other’s shit lol.  The date is set for September 28th of this year, come Hell or high water.

In other news, the new job is going well; I’ve learned a lot and settled into the role, picked up some new skills and even got the opportunity to travel a bit.  In about a three week period I found myself in Manhattan, NY; Englewood Cliffs & Mount Laurel, NJ; Burbank, CA; and Orlando, FL.  Lots of air-miles, hotel points and maxing out my per diem, with more to come I’m sure, so should be some interesting content forthcoming.

Thanks to wedding expenses I’ve had to curb my spending habits significantly of late, so I haven’t bought a suit in at least four months; for some ppl that’s a laughable statistic, but I assure you it’s abnormal for me.  I did however decide that the dinner jacket(s) I’ll be wearing for the big day are going to be custom tailored, and I reached out to a trusted friend to put together something really special.  I’ll be detailing that process in an upcoming post, along with a profile of the company and individuals who are helping me get myself together, so stay tuned.

Lastly, I’ve collaborated with several folks over the years for events, photo-shoots and content; I have a couple that I REALLY enjoy working with, and we’ve definitely got some great things brewing, so keep your figurative antenna up.  Now that I have the time (and motivation), my fingers are itching to share some things with you.  See you soon!

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