“The Vested Interests” was conceived in August of 2015 between two of the myriad mundane tasks I was regularly given in my 9 to 5; I’d been writing for years, stylish for decades and opinionated for… well, forever.  The initial thought was that I’d blog about men’s fashion (suiting, predominantly); I could wax nostalgic about the dapper stylings of previous generations, lament the lack of appreciation for dapper dandies of the current era, take a few photos in the clothes I like… if nothing else, I’d have an excuse to buy more suits than I ‘need’ without reproach.

A couple of years & conversations with supportive friends later and it’s evolved rather splendidly into a much farther-reaching endeavor; it’s a medium for channeling my aspirations, my creative musings, my frustrations, even my rage at times. It’s a means by which I can continue to grow, both before and beside my readers, into something and someone greater than I am.  It’s therapeutic. It’s cathartic.  It’s a chance to be both student and teacher in hopes of contributing to society as much as I glean from it; because after all, profit is impossible without SOME sort of investment, no?

The foremost question on the minds of many who will find their way to this particular page is going to be,”Who ARE you”, and rightfully so.  Who am I to think that someone should care about what I have to say? Who am I to hold my own opinion high enough that I think it deserves sharing with the world?  Well… I’m frankly no better than you are (and certainly no worse) but the fact of the matter is, if you’re still reading, it’s likely because you agree with me on at least SOME level.

Maybe it’s comforting for someone on the other side of the screen to know that they’re not alone in their thoughts; maybe choosing to jettison my thoughts on a few things into the atmosphere will encourage someone to respond, challenging my stance, and I’ll learn something new about myself in the process.   Who knows? It’s my hope that you find my various random observations intriguing enough an appetizer to consider coming back to dine with me again, to see what else I bring to the table.  Perhaps you’ll even show up with a dish of your own.

I’m William D. Dingle, Owner and Editor-In-Chief at The Vested Interests, and this is how it begins.

The Devil is in The Details