99 Problems but a Notch Ain’t One

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Essential PH-1
My “Black Moon” Essential Ph-1, on the day it arrived in October, 2017

I’m likely in need of some sort of intervention; a penchant for self-evaluation is one of the hallmarks of manhood in my experience; thus it’s about time I came to grips with the fact that I have an addiction to what I’ll call “the cutting edge”.
On some deep level that I can’t fully explain, I just HAVE to have it; the PC with the most RAM, the vehicle with all of the advanced features, the television display with the highest resolution for my money: I NEED IT.  Unfortunately for my wallet, this addiction also extends to the realm of mobile phones.  I scour tech blogs and trending topics on Twitter for leaked images and specs for upcoming devices from multiple manufacturers, comparing and contrasting rumored features to help make a decision about which device I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars on THIS year.  I generally purchase a new mobile phone annually, even buying two in a single year on at least one occasion.

…I feel it important to say at this juncture that I’m not exactly ‘proud’ of this; but anyway…

So last year, when Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’, announced his new venture and planned release of The Essential Phone, my interest was immediately piqued; the specifications sounded promising, certainly on par with flagship devices releasing in the same window; titanium and ceramic construction with Gorilla Glass 5, plus a gorgeous nearly edge-to-edge display (minus the camera notch) and stock Android OS with no bloatware? ‘Sign me up!’, I thought.  Alas, for all of its positives, the Essential Ph-One came with some caveats, like a camera that would take almost a year of regular software updates before it delivered performance anywhere near what was originally promised.  As a “cutting edge technology” aficionado, I was perfectly content to wait for these improvements, but alas the market is not, and it seems that Essential will not be releasing a follow-up device this year.

I’m now faced with the decision of what I want to spend my hard-earned money on to replace it; my PH-1 is still in pristine condition, not a single crack to the screen and performing admirably, but my “cutting edge” addiction has been screaming in the back of my mind for a couple of months now that I need to pick out something young, fresh and new before October rolls around.

OnePlus 6
The OnePlus 6 in multiple colorways; isn’t she dreamy? *insert heart eyes*

I’ll start off by saying that there’s no way in Hell I’ll switch to an iPhone; I do far too much personalizing and customizing to everything I own to limit myself to Apple’s ‘walled garden’ environment, so for me, Android is the ticket (it should be noted that I’ve used iPhones before for work, but have been an Android user for my personal devices ever since I gave up my Blackberry Curve for the T-Mobile G1 back in 2008).  My current front-runner is the recently released OnePlus 6.  With top-of-the line storage and memory, an improved camera, a great screen-to-body ratio and a gorgeous form-factor, one would expect a price tag rivaling those of Samsung and Apple’s flagship devices instead starting at a (by comparison) very affordable $529.  I tend to purchase my phones direct from the manufacturer these days to save money on my monthly bill, so that’s right up my alley.  There’s also the proprietary “DASH” charging, which leads the industry in how fast in can juice your phone up, and camera improvements over last year’s model have been impressing reviewers on all of the blogs I frequent for informed opinions.
Only one factor is making me hesitate: OnePlus released their previous iteration, the OnePlus 5, in June of 2017, then followed it up with a slightly improved OnePlus 5T five months later in November.  This was also the M.O. when they released the OnePlus 3 in June of 2016 then released the OnePlus 3T in November… This may work in my favor, however.  The OnePlus 6 was released on May 22nd of this year, so it stands to reason that we could be seeing a OnePlus 6T with a couple of upgrades in five months, right smack in the middle of… October.  Perhaps God is trying to tell me something… HELP.The Vested Interests

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